Month: April 2017

Embracing All Of Me

Why do we as women conform to what the media portrays women to be? The media makes us believe that what we see on television is how we are supposed to be in real life. Growing up, the images I noticed of women were skinny with straight hair and maybe a cute little bang to spice things up. When I was a kid, I had a lot of hair. So much so that it came to the point where it

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Taller Men + Shorter Women

Inter-height couple (n.): a couple who is of disproportionate heights. Used in a sentence: Look at that inter-height couple. His wife is so much shorter than him. We have all seen it —inter-height couples. As a single woman in the dating jungle of New York, I feel like every time I see a good-looking tall guy, he is either gay or dating someone average height. As a tall woman, I’m still trying to figure out why all these tall men

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Gratitude and Joy

Put on your personal development pants, because we’re about to make mindset magic. What came first, the chicken or the egg? Truthfully I’m not super concerned with the answer, but it mimics the question I really want to ask you…consider that one your warm up! Real question: What comes first, joy or gratitude? The answer, according to research, is GRATITUDE. This goes against the common thought process we’re taught if you think about it.  Typically, people think they need to

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Doing it big in Dallas! It had been a while for me since I was last in Texas. But you asked and we listened, so I jetted off to Dallas to host our first Texas brunch. What an incredible day we had! The W Dallas Victory was the perfect venue for our gathering. I was delighted to personally introduce our Texas Tall Sisters to Emme Cadeau, an incredible new retailer that creates luxury flats in sizes 6-12. They showcased their

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A Tall Girl’s Guide to the Men’s Section: Part II

Welcome back! Last time we covered tops you can find in the men’s section that are cheaper and have a longer fit. Today, we are clothing our bottom half. (See Part 1 HERE) My goal was to find several types of pants that fit my 34-inch inseam (I’m 6 feet tall). In order to convert women’s sizing into men’s, you generally add about 21 inches to the waist measurement. Using this logic, women’s size 10 would be men’s size 31

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Why Do Men Lie About Their Height? #AlternativeFacts

Let’s set the stage. I walk into a bar with a friend and a man approaches me. Not totally surprising, the first question he asks me is “How tall are you?” I answer and say, “I am 6’4”.” His response: “NO!” (Notice the exclamation mark? I’ve received this same response more than once and it is normally either in a raised voice or someone actually yelling at me) “That is not possible, because I am 6’4”!” he proceeds. “So you

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