Month: October 2016

Dating at 6’2″

The good ole “how tall is the man you are dating” question. When this topic first came up as a writing piece, I placed my head in my hands and chuckled, having some very real flashbacks of my past experiences in the dating realm. Dating is already hard, but when you are 5 inches taller than the average man, let’s just say that things get very interesting very quickly. “Hmmm, you look like a tall glass of milk and I’m

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NEXT and I are BFF’s!

You know me by now. I’m always on the hunt for something new, so I was delighted when the opportunity came to try out some products from NEXT, a company that I have been eying for a long time! NEXT is an online retailer based out of Great Britain that sells clothing and shoes for men, women, and children, as well as home ware. When it comes to the women’s apparel selection, I didn’t initially realize how much they offer

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‘Meet Your Tall Sisters’ Honorine Elizabeth

Ok first things first, we just added events in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas. If you live in or around any of those cities, you will have to join us for our one of a kind ‘Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch’. There are a select amount of Early Bird Tickets available, so don’t wait, get your Tickets HERE. The beauty we are interviewing today provides inspiration to many on a daily bases. Through the candid and open way she

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Lets Talk J.Jill Tall

I must confess: I have never shopped at J.Jill before, which makes this a blind date review. Like a typical first date, I’ve seen the photos online and have jumped to conclusions before we meet. This gal, J.Jill — I think she goes for comfort first. The soft cotton blends and the loose, easy shapes seem like styles that would gravitate towards the front of your closet, especially when you’re feeling less than your fighting shape. I am, however, a

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When Comments Go Too Far

Warning: This article is real and might totally ruffle some feathers. Warning #2: Seriously, I’m going to let it all out in this one and, whether you agree or disagree, what I’m sharing has been experienced by many tall women (including myself) and needs to be talked about. Warning #3: Ok, I warned you! In all seriousness, I actually hesitated a bit writing this article because I’m sharing something very personal. While I knew what happened to me happens to

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Extra Tall Jeans for my Tall Sisters

Hello from the streets of NYC! Today I want to share with you my latest fashion discovery. Torrid is a women’s retailer with both an online presence and brick-and-mortar stores that carries stylish apparel in sizes 10-30 as well as footwear all the way up to a size 13. I had seen them being discussed here and there, but I did what us ladies of height usually do; I assumed they had nothing that would fit and kept scrolling. This

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Being tall is a privilege, a gift, a blessing!

My journey to self-acceptance began with my parents teaching me strength and confidence since I was granted access onto this planet. My mother — a 6′ woman with a big bright forehead, a gorgeous gap tooth, and a calm yet jokey spirit — made sure that I felt loved and beautiful as long as I can remember. She, like many other tall parents, was not surprised when I came out of the womb with an inseam probably twice the size of every other newborn. Coupling her height with

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