Month: July 2016

Dating a shorter man

Being a tall woman is like being a regular person with a built-in platform. You’re recognizable. You’re memorable. You don’t get lost in the crowd. I imagine it’s like being a celebrity. You can’t turn off “tall”. So when you date a short person, you are the center of attention. People stare. People talk. You can either feel like a supermodel or a linebacker. Or, both. I met my boyfriend while I was seated at a bar. I was sitting because

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Work ready!

Welcome to Sunday lovely readers. In the past months a lot of you lovely ladies have reached out with questions on professional attire, asking for suggestions on where to shop. So I wanted to dedicate this week to sharing a great option with you all and a brand that is new to be reviewed on The Tall Society. This brand is Sumissura. Now we all have had our share of struggles and professional attire is something I really had to

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Self-love the Journey

Hello, Gorgeous! I’m jazzed you’re here! My name is Christiana, and I’m a 6’5” Recovering Perfectionist, Coffee Purist, and Women’s Success Coach.  I eat, sleep, and breathe everything personal development! (and coffee…I love coffee) Growing up, I tried to be as close to “perfect” as I could, never questioning the rules and always following them.  I graduated college on a volleyball scholarship, worked for awesome companies like ESPN/Nike/Walt Disney World, and even found the man of my dreams…. Outside of my

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My Blue Suede Shoes!

Welcome to Sunday ladies. Quoting Elvis seemed like the right way to kick off this beautiful day. You all know I love it when I come across a new retailer for us. It excites me so much, as slowly we are seeing more and more options and we so deserve that! Allow me to introduce you lovely ladies to Xtended Soles. The mother/daughter trio Jackie Thurman, Jennifer Major and Mary Powell, founded Xtended Soles in late 2015. These exceptional ladies are

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Tyi looking flawless in Alloy

Greetings my SUPERB, GORGEOUS AND EXQUISITE tall sisters! It is my honor to become a contributor to the Tall Society as being “TALL” is one of the most important things to happen to me in my life. Like many of you, I stem from an extraordinarily gigantic family – height wise of course. My father who is approximately 7 feet and my mother who is 6 feet gave birth to me, a breech baby (a baby whose feet or legs

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Katie Rocking Alloy

Hi new friends! It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Katharine Henner, nickname “Katie.” I am 6 feet tall and no, I do not play basketball. I’d like to thank Bree for inviting me to be a contributor to The Tall Society. The grace and presence that she commands in person is something I aspire to achieve. You see, not only do I not play basketball, but I am somewhat of a huncher. I think it’s an empathetic hunch.

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Well lovelies yes I am totally springing a change on you. Surprise! Welcome to the new and improved thetallsociety.com For months now I have been working on the next phase for The Tall Society. When I started this journey a little over a year ago, it started out as a personal blog. This allowed me to introduce myself while bringing content to you with a purpose. I was eager to understand what content you enjoyed but also what you were not too

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