Month: June 2016

Lady in White!

Happy Sunday lovelies! I have a fun review for you this week of this all white look that us perfect for a beautiful summer day! Ok first I have to get something out of the way. I rarely ever wear all white. Not because I don’t love it, but because I am so incredibly clumsy I almost immediately will get something dirty. Browsing the new summer collection and seeing this dress motivated me to give it another shot. I am grown after all.

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Tall Talk™ – What would you tell your younger self?

This week in Tall Talk™ we are sharing what we would tell our younger selves if presented with the opportunity. Some of the things we would want our younger selves to know: “You are beautiful and you are unique” “Keep your head up and stand with you back straight!” “It gets better” “Don’t worry tall men are in your future!” Check out the video to hear more motivational words dedicated to our younger selves. Props to my beautiful Tall Sisters that shared

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‘Meet Your Tall Sisters’ Danielle van Grondelle

  This week we are meeting one of our tall sisters that I have known for a long time! It is interesting how the universe reconnected Danielle and I over 2 years ago. We attended the same high school back home in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Now fast-forward a few years and I am browsing on Facebook one faithful day while I was getting ready to move back to New York from Los Angeles. Long behold I saw that Danielle was

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My Personal Journey to Loving my Curves

As a 6’4 32 year old woman I can say, like most women, my body has gone through a transformation in the past 10 years. My body consciousness started during my early teens when my growth spurt was topping the charts. My brain was always playing catch-up in enhancing its ability to control my limbs. The struggle was real… Many broken dishes, some cracked furniture, the occasional scraped knee later I slowly regained control of my own body movement. Post

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