Month: August 2015

‘Meet Your Tall Sisters’ Robin Harris

  While scrolling through Instagram one day, I first came across MODEL ATELIER. It peaked my interest and I had a look online. Since I feel it is my civil duty to continue to find new Tall Fashion retailers, I was beyond excited to find yet another option for us Tall Sisters! MODEL ATELIER is a Luxury clothing brand that goes the extra length for women 5’9” and taller.  They offer feminine fashions inspired by the latest runway trends. Their sizes run

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Happy Sunday lovelies, I hope you all have had a wonderful week! This week I would like to spend some more time discussing Alloy Apparel’s #LoveYourShape Instagram campaign that I was a part of this week. You might have seen some images coming by on my Instagram page. A few months ago I was asked to be involved with #LoveYourShape; naturally I was honored and ecstatic to be featured alongside 6 other beautiful ladies, all with different body shapes. We showcased the

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To Heel or Not To Heel

My name is Bree, Founder of  The Tall Society, I am 6’4” and lover of heels. Let’s start with the facts. I am 6’4 tall and I choose to wear heels. The heels I own range in height from 2-4 inches, making me between 6’6 – 6’8 tall. Thus when in heels I tower over most of the people. The same is also the case without heels as a matter of fact. On any given day I will encounter a combination

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Angelic in Alloy Tall

  I have shared multiple edgy looks that I love with you ladies over the past few weeks. But everyone loves a simple and elegant summer dress option, so this week I am switching it up as we admire the beautiful Grace Lace Angel Sleeve Dress c/o Alloy Tall. The Grace Lace Angel Sleeve Dress is offered in 2 lengths, 34’ and 36’ for us long legged ladies. Naturally my 6’4 self opted for the ‘Tall’ style with the 2’ added length.

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‘Meet Your Tall Sisters’ Joanne McHarg

  Welcome to yet another beautiful Sunday. In todays spotlight, a Tall Sister that has a wonderful inspiring story and has made a great impact on the Tall Fashion world. “People are going to look – give them something to look at! – Joanne McHarg owner TALLGIRLS” As some of you might know, I lived in London for about 2,5 years between 2007 and 2010. London will always be a place I return to on vacation and for some shopping. This

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