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Learn about the founder and contributors of The Tall Society.

Meet Bree – Founder | Editor-in-Chief

Hey there, lovelies! My full name is Brunnhilde Wijnaar, but you can call me Bree. I was born and raised in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Yep, I am Dutch and was born in “The Land of the Tall” as they say! I relocated to the USA upon graduating college, and I have been an expat ever since. I currently reside in Harlem, New York City and work in the technology field as a business systems analyst.

The Tall Society is 100% a passion project that has evolved from the wish I always had to connect more with women of height. I longed for a sisterhood of women that I could relate to, but there was nothing existing that fit my vision. As I was learning to accept and love my 6’4” curvy self, I vowed to share my experience with others and create that community that we were missing. In 2015 the stars aligned, and in transitioning from working crazy hours in hotel operations to a 9-5 that I LOVE, my life quite literally opened up. It is amazing how the universe brings you back to your purpose, because everything truly does happen for a reason!

In early 2015 The Tall Society was born, and I have not looked back. It has been the most fulfilling and purposeful experience for me thus far, and we are growing every day. I am passionate about building our community through meaningful content on this site and fun events where we can connect in person. I believe this is my purpose and I can only hope you will join me on this journey.


Meet Katie – Contributor

Katharine Henner is a 6’0″ tall writer and director based in Brooklyn, New York. After years of living/working in a creative collective with a bunch of dudes, she’s exploring her feminine side.

Katie has been an engaged reader and supporter of thetallsociety.com since the platform launched. After connecting with Bree in person, the two established a great friendship and collaborating was a natural next step. As they are fellow New Yorkers, the occasional brunch is spent on how to bring you all more fun and relevant content! Katie loves telling stories with her fellow tall women, and hopes you’ll share yours.


Meet Tyi – Contributor

Family and friends have described 6’2 Tyi as open-minded, energetic, flexible, and always ready for a good time. Tyi would also consider herself a layered work in progress. She constantly strives to exude confidence, humility, resilience, perseverance, and a positive outlook on her future.

Tyi and Bree connected at the very first Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch in NYC. A friend had tagged Tyi in a post on Instagram. Attending immediately became a priority. After brunch, Bree and Tyi connected and spoke candidly about the goals for thetallsociety.com and the upcoming transition from personal blog to a true community. The rest is history! Becoming a contributor provides me the opportunity to speak to a niche demographic whose experiences are the same as my own. I am beyond excited to exchange insight and advice with tall women from around the globe.From Tyi, readers can expect openness and honesty in all of her posts and clothing reviews. Tyi wants readers to be able to hear her voice as they read and use her life as a tall woman to help mirror their own paths.

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Meet Christiana – Contributor

Christiana Hill is a 6’5 Self-Love Expert & Success Coach who specializes in working with stressed out perfectionist women. When her height constantly put her in the public eye, Christiana discovered that the expectation she felt to be “perfect” was taking a toll on her confidence, and she knew wanted to help others who felt the same. In a society where women, especially tall women, constantly feel the pressure to be thinner, smarter, prettier, and more accomplished, Christiana has dedicated her life to helping her fellow tall sisters define success on their own terms. Through her 1:1 coaching, speaking, and writing, Christiana strives to help women ditch perfection, cultivate a true sense of self-love, and put a whole lot of sass in their step!

As an avid reader and follower of Bree’s work, Christiana was thrilled at the opportunity to meet her at the Meet Your Tall Sister’s Brunch in Washington DC. From there, the two connected and becoming a contributor for The Tall Society felt like such a fantastic fit. The Tall Society has been a breath of fresh air to tall women everywhere, and Christiana hopes her work can inspire women just as much!


Meet Molly – Contributor

Molly is a 6’2″ editor, proofreader, and writer living in Arizona with her 5’9″ boyfriend and their dachshund whose body is almost as long as hers. After having struggled with years of insecurity about her height and trying desperately to fit into the mold she believed the world required of her, she is now determined to live life on her terms by embracing her height, her quirkiness, and her disinterest in playing basketball.

Molly discovered The Tall Society on Instagram, was immediately obsessed, and contacted Bree to get involved with the movement. She wants to help create a community for tall women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and styles to come together. Her goal is to support Bree and the other contributors by editing and perfecting content that she wishes she had when she was a teen. She believes that all of her tall sisters deserve to glow with pride, self-love, and body positivity, and she wants each one to walk confidently with her head held high, telling the world, “I’m here!”


Meet Kristin – Contributor

Kristin 6’ and is a stand-up comic living in NYC. Kristin is one of six kids. Her dad likes to get married. She drinks orange juice with tacos. She is a horrible speller. She’s obsessed with Pug Instagram accounts. She carries healing stones in her bras. Chocolate and peanut butter ice cream is her kryptonite. Kristin has been featured in the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Limestone Comedy Festival, and Boston Comedy Festival. She is also a freelance writer.

After stumbling upon The Tall Society, she connected with Bree and in hearing how passionate she was about helping women, Kristin had to find a way to get involved. Kristin is so excited to be a contributor for The Tall Society, and hopes that she can empower tall women to be their most confident selves.

As an avid reader and follower of Bree’s work, Christiana was thrilled at the opportunity to meet her at the Meet Your Tall Sister’s Brunch in Washington DC. From there, the two connected and becoming a contributor for The Tall Society felt like such a fantastic fit. The Tall Society has been a breath of fresh air to tall women everywhere, and Christiana hopes her work can inspire women just as much!


Meet Kellee – Contributor

I was born in New York City in the same hospital as Blue Ivy and later moved to New Jersey from Harlem. A couple years later, my mom and I moved to Los Angeles but moved back to New Jersey a few years later. You could say I have been everywhere, but I consider myself to have the best of both worlds. The calm, cool, and collected part of me is from Los Angeles while the “can you walk faster” and “OOO! PIZZA!” part of me is from New York.

Standing at 6’2”, I can honestly say that I am pretty confident with my height. I played basketball since I was in the third grade and throughout my years at Spelman College with a bit of volleyball sprinkled in my athletic career as well. I’m now working in the media industry and I love every bit of television and movies. There are so many good shows out today that I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed (#firstworldproblems). However, the one thing about me is that I’m a huge fan of music. Not just Beyoncé, but I also like a lot of up-and-coming artists who are extremely talented.

I found out about The Tall Society through my boyfriend’s cousin who is also in the six-foot-plus club and I have been hooked ever since. Meeting Bree at Afropunk 2016 was just the icing on the cake and it was all meant to be. I’m elated to be a part of this wonderful community of amazing, intelligent, and beautiful women, and I look forward to sharing the experiences of tall women everywhere.


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